Transparency, Security and Traceability

At Agora Sourcing we go into detail with every delivery – all components purchased by Agora Sourcing has been visually inspected, compared with original manufacturer’s datasheet and documented in our inspection report, available upon request for our customers.

We aim to create full transparency towards our customers – and we use the latest updated techniques to ensure that we always deliver 100% quality production from original manufacturer and our inspection is based on the principles of AS6081(SAE Aerospace Standard).


Our internal control and documentation includes;

  • External visual inspection.
  • Weight and dimension check.
  • Documentation review.
  • Checking the Certificate of Compliance.
  • Reviewing lot screening records and checking PDA/Lot failure criteria.
  • Pure tin control.
  • Material Analysis.
  • Electrical Measurements.

All information is gathered into our inspection reports and stored for the convenience of our customers.

We offer following tests of electronics components by 3rd party test house facility;

  • fluorescence (XRF)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) microanalysis.
  • 3D X-Ray inspection.
  • Cross sectioning.
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)
  • Failure Analysis.
  • X-ray analysis.
  • Decapsulation of packaged devices