Stock finder
Our network is your opportunity

Search through our availabilities of electronics – we are updating our stock finder each week, with some of our suppliers stock. We are able to find much more than what you find in the search field, so do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email with the component you are searching for.

Excess eliminator

Let Agora Sourcing sell your excess inventory – we have a global customer base that could be interested in the parts you have in stock. We can be a truly value adding partner, when it comes to ͞dead͟ stock in your warehouse – we do bulk tenders on the parts you have in stock, or we sell the parts one-by-one to maximize the potential output in terms of your year-end results.

BOM Analyzer

Agora Sourcing has developed a tool that can help eliminate some of the risk of launching a new or existing product – we can ensure you to have correct data and calculate availability, in order to eliminate the risk of having a outdated bill of material on a certain product.