Sourcing and Negotiation

“We can source any electronic component that is holding back your productionflow and find cost-down solutions that will have a direct impact on your year-end result”

From vast experience with commodity trading and working directly with the manufactures of electronic components, we have gained knowledge and market insight that can benefit our customers, when in need of a component that are not available at the preferred distribution company.

At Agora Sourcing, we are constantly upgrading our supply chain, ensuring that it is compatible with the needs of our customers – we navigate the market data to stay in forefront of our competition on pricing and availability.

We are working around the clock to create the optimum possibilities to resolve complicated supply situation for our customers, and have a tested and vetted network ready to respond, when our customer is in need of a component.

Send us your requests today – and we will have a reply ready for you within 3 hours.