We negotiate
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We negotiate – whether our customer is a smaller start-up company or a large cooperation, we have proven that we are able to drive and implement substantial cost-down projects for production companies in any sector and product.

Trading and negotiation is an everyday part of life at Agora Sourcing, and we are ready to serve you – by going into direct contact with your suppliers, based on market benchmarking and industrial expertise – we will find a solution that benefits your suppliers and your year-end results.

We offer negotiation based on results – if we do not reach the target, there is no costs related to our customer.

Target and margin is determined and agreed case by case, but one thing is for sure – if you do not save money – we are not getting paid.

Customer contacts Agora Sourcing with a request for a cost-down project that they would like to implement for 2019

– Agora Sourcing creates overview and sets the targets together with the customer.
Estimated productions costs of 2019 is set at 350.000 USD, Cost-down target is set to 75.000 USD.

Agora initiate’s direct contact with the customers suppliers, and through communication and validation from customer side – we reach the target, leaving the supplier with a clear picture of what they can expect in 2019, and our customer get the right price at the right time.

Transparency and communication is key to the success – we can handle both, with inputs from our customer.

We are often talking to companies that does not realize that they are important to their supplier, and they have the opportunity to negotiate, no matter company size, quantity or budget.

Give us a call – and let us talk about your next negotiations project.