Warehouse & inspection
What you need: When you need.

We have a global setup of warehouse partners, that can secure fast transactions between our suppliers and our customers. We ensure to deliver components from around the globe in a matter of days, with inspections reports and the insight your supply chain needs to enhance your flow of goods.

“At Agora Sourcing, we do our outmost to make sure that your delivery is on the spot – what you need: when you need”

We offer full warranty (12 months) on any delivered product.

We keep focus on quality and delivery performance, and counterfeit avoidance is a key subject in our supply chain – we are constantly being updated and educated in the latest news in the matter of detection, avoidance, mitigation and disposition, which is why we base our test and inspection on the principles of AS6081(SAE Aerospace Standard).

We offer third party testing facilities, including:

  • Light Microscopy
  • Solderability test (ANSI / J-STD-002)
  • Decapsulation
  • X-Ray Inspection